I have worked with Vivian Hsu over a number of years, first in her role as in-house counsel at Motorola and later in her private practice. I have always felt that she provided me with the strongest advice on employee related issues in comparison to other law firms I have used. I believe this is because Vivian brings great expertise in employment law balanced with strong business acumen. As the VP of HR, I have brought Vivian into a few companies for which I have worked to provide training in employment law and on how best to manage diversity in the workplace. Her approach to workplace training isn't to just "scare them straight" but rather to educate managers and employees on the legal issues and, more importantly, to help them to understand how they can contribute to a positive and conflict-free work environment. Vivian's courses are well received because managers see that she understands their issues from her time as in-house counsel and employees enjoy the sessions because she makes them relevant and her style is relaxed yet serious. I would highly recommend Vivian Hsu to any of my HR colleagues who need a strong employment lawyer to assist in training or to assist in handling any employment issues you may be dealing with.”

~ Vice-President, Human Resources

Starting and running a $6M company with 40+ employees is not easy, especially when it comes to understanding employment and HR law and the myriad of state and federal legal requirements employers must be aware of. For over 8 years, Vivian Hsu has been invaluable in providing a wide range of services to our company that has resulted both in legal compliance as well as in successful outcomes.  From initially helping us to develop employment contracts and an Employee Handbook that meets the unique needs of our industry, to providing legal counsel in response to employee suits, assisting with unemployment hearings, and providing HR training to our management team, I have found Vivian to be remarkably responsive, exceptionally knowledgeable, and a voice of reason and reassurance during stressful employment situations.  Unlike other legal firms I have engaged, Vivian’s fees are extremely reasonable and fair, and I have always considered the money very well spent.  It is a bonus that she is truly a pleasure to work with!”  

~ Chief Executive Officer

As a senior executive of a health care company, I was put in a difficult situation with a colleague and required expert advice and guidance, all of which I received from Vivian Hsu.  She assisted me through a very delicate and emotional situation at work and saw it through to a successful conclusion.  My selection of Vivian was one of the most important decisions I have made, especially after all the hard work I have put into my career.  I was pleased with her employment experience, responsiveness and professionalism.   Although I hope not to be in a similar situation again, if I were, I would immediately contact Vivian as a trusted advisor and would recommend her services wholeheartedly.” 

~ Senior Executive

I find the trainings provide both historic and current examples making the materials easier to understand. Vivian is an excellent trainer who delivers the importance of the subject matter in a way that is easy to remember and understand. I have attended multiple trainings that Vivian has presented and have always walked away with a greater understanding, appreciation and respect for the subject matter. Vivian’s professional experiences really help her connect with her audience.”

~ Senior Executive